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Photos from the set of ‘Black’

Here are a few pictures taken during the filming of our last short ‘Black’. It was filmed at a disused swimming pool at Fort Regent in Jersey as this allowed us to drape the greenscreen material inside the drained pool and could film down into it. When we first arrived to scout it we thought we’d need the deep end, but upon seeing the pool we realised that the shallow end was the perfect size (also, we wouldn’t have anywhere enough material for the deep end!).



Finally sorted out the audio problems on some of the videos, so please go ahead and watch them in all their glory! There may be some bugs still so again, if you come across some, let me know.



Problems with audio

Just realised that there are a few audio problems with Black/Drip Dry/End of the Thread……

As in there is no audio!

A small oversight when it came to the exporting side of things for the web versions so i’ll get this sorted quickly before you all start thinking that we’re bringing back the silent film era.