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Camera tests with Fortress Island Films

Last weekend was spend doing a camera test for the guys from Fortress Island Films for an upcoming project that requires a shallow depth-of-field, so we’re going to be using a lens rig that allows us to use 35mm still camera lens’ on our digital cameras.

You can see the finished video here (

Here are a few pictures taken on the day:-



Finally sorted out the audio problems on some of the videos, so please go ahead and watch them in all their glory! There may be some bugs still so again, if you come across some, let me know.



welcome to the new NVP site

Hey there,

Finally got round to creating the new NVP site (as the old one was only supposed to be a temp site) and so hope you like the look of it. We’re going to update a lot more via this blog, with news of the upcoming projects, pics from ‘behind the scenes’ on other projects, etc.

There may be a few bugs so if you spot them, let me know at